YAOUNDE: AUTOPSY OF A NATION is a compass intended to give Cameroonians a sense of direction as they grope around in search of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. It behoves these beasts of no nation–Cameroonians of all social strata and creeds, to come to the realization that people deserve their leaders. Most importantly, Cameroonians must rethink the sagacious words of Edmund Burke who once said that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I subscribe to the practical wisdom according to which a modicum of measured resistance, controlled defiance, and reasoned disobedience are recipes for positive change in the community of humans. The fear to offend the untouchables of our society inhibits our ability to engage in constructive criticism in which resides the capacity of a society to change and evolve. Our reluctance to hold our leaders accountable for their misdeeds hinders our ability to rise up against abuse of power, injustice, corruption, and impunity.

For thirty years, Cameroonians have been victims to one man’s Machiavellian dictatorship; they have seen how one man—Mr. Paul Biya—surrounded by a cabal of thieving tribesmen, has hijacked the entire governmental apparatus with the aid of the military and stayed in power anti-constitutionally.

The didactic value of this book resides in its intelligibility to readers from all walks of life and social strata eager to know what makes Cameroon dysfunctional. The language is free of verbal sophistry. Casual readers and professionals with a genuine interest in the geopolitics of Cameroon would find this book a delight to read.

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